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What is prisons?

Prisons is a gamemode where you must mine to escape! You must mine to gain money and tokens in order to upgrade your mine and pickaxe.


General prisons information:


Dying at the pvp warps will *never* reset your pickaxe. The only time your pickaxe should reset is if the entire gamemode is resetting, which would be made public to the players before happening. If for some reason your pickaxe resets, please make a ticket and it will be restored.


Anything in your /pv (vault) will stay there upon death.


You cannot give other players tokens or money! This is to prevent profile boosting, and to stop people from using alts to give themselves an extra bonus.

You cannot trade in prisons.. If you are to swap something with someone you could always ask a staff member to middle man if you do not trust the person you are swapping items with. 


Always fish at least one fish in the fish event, as sometimes people don't go. I've won more fishing events with common fish than mythical ones.


Your xp bar is your pickaxe level. This will never go down.


General Commands:


● /mine - opens the mine menu, which has very useful (stuff). You can learn more about it here (hyperlink)

● /mine reset - resets your mine 

● /mine teleport - teleports you to your mine.

● /mine invite <player> - will invite that player to your mine.

● /mine remove <player> - will remove a player from your mine. 

● /autorankup - will either enable or disable your automatically ranking up, which can be useful when trying to upgrade your autominer.

● /autominer - this automatically mines for you.

● /prisonenchant - this allows you to get extra enchants to your armour/swords/axe. 


Additional Commands:

● /koth - teleports you to king of the hill, a pvp area

● /dungeons - every two hours, there is a dungeons event where you can kill the boss and get loot

● /crates - teleports you to the area where you can use your crate keys

● /pv - this is universal over creative, skyblock, heroes, survival and factions. It is a way of storing items where if you die you dont lose them (reword?)

● /fish - this teleports you to the fish event area. There is an event here every two hours, however you can fish here at any point. 

● /kits - every 10 levels (level 1, level 11, level 22 ect) will unlock you a new kit. These give things such as armour, swords and bow and arrows. The higher level you are, the better items will be in your kit. 

● /trash - opens a menu where you can remove unwanted items. 

● /fix - fixes the item in your hand for a certain amount of gems.

● /gang - learn more about the gang you are in, or create one.


Prison Warps




Keep Inventory Is Disabled.

KOTH is an event that will automatically run every 3 hours, or you can start one using a koth summoner. If you are able to hold the hill for 2 minutes you will receive random rewards from /kothloot.

To teleport to KOTH do /koth.



Keep Inventory Is Disabled.

Warzone is an area that every three hours, has a supply drop spawn. During the supply drop, you can gain keys, tokens, money and shards. In the warzone players are able to fight other players.

Flight is disabled in the warzone along with all other PvP warps. To warp to the Warzone type /warzone



Every hour the spider queen will spawn in the dungeon. You can kill this boss to gain token multipliers, keys and gang points. There are also many quests that require you to kill mobs in the /dungeon warp. You cannot pvp here.


Getting started on prisons



In order to create a gang, you need to use /gang create [gang name]

Your gang starts at level 1.

Now you have your very own gang, type /gang and explore the options. 


All gangs 

Gang settings 

Command list and help

All your gang information 

Gang banner


All gangs brings up the gang list menu. This is useful as you can see information about other gangs such as KDR (Kill death ratio), the gang level and other such settings.


In gang settings, you can change the settings of the gang. 

You can talk to your allies, activate or deactivate friendly fire and change the join messages. You can also change your banner. 

Changing the banner is quite simple, type /gang banner and experiment with it.


In commands list and help, this will bring up a list of commands in the chat. You can also bring this up by doing /gang help.


Gang commands


● /gang ally <add/remove/accept/deny> <gang> will do as it seems. It will add, remove, accept or deny any requests depending on what you want. 

Having ally's is important as they will have your back during koth. You can change settings such as friendly fire to have a more peaceful pvp experience.
● /gang banner will change the banner. You can also do this within the /gang menu.

● /gang changeleader will change the leader of the gang.

● /gang chat will open a chat only you and your gang members can see.

● /gang desc will add a description to your gang. This is important to tell others some details about your gang.

● /gang disband will do exactly that, disband your gang.

● /gang invite <player> invites a player to your gang. They have a minute to accept, or it cancels the invitation. You can then change their roles as fitting. 

●  /gang (promote/demote) will change players between being a gang member, or a gang moderator. Gang moderators can change settings. Only gang leaders can delete a gang.


Levelling up your gang


Gangs level up through many ways.

Adding a user to your gang gives you 120 Gang points.

Promoting a moderator to your gang adds 30 Gang points.

Using the Accomplice enchantment on your pickaxe, you can find gang points. 

Completing quests in the /quests menu gives you a certain amount, which is specified on each quest 


Autominer information


The autominer is extremely useful. It runs in the background as long as you have it turned on, are online on prisons and have autominer minutes. 

The maximum money you can gain per min from the autominer is 500,000,000, and the maximum tokens is 100,000. 


Hovering over your head in the /autominer menu will tell you how many autominer minutes you have, how much money/tokens you would get in one minute, one hour and 24 hours. 


You can gain autominer minutes through mining and fishing.


When adding money to your autominer, you have two options. You can either add a set amount or you can add a percentage amount of your money. 


Pickaxe enchantments


When you right click your pickaxe, or open the prisons menu (the nether star permanently placed in your inventory), and then click upgrade pickaxe, you will come across a menu that looks like this. 

This menu is where you spend your tokens to upgrade your pickaxe. 


Within this menu you can update your shards, see the current enchantments you have, refund enchantments, enchant your pickaxe, open the main menu and open your mine menu. 


● Efficiency - This lets you break blocks faster. 

● Fortune - Like it would in a survival game, mining a block with fortune will give you more blocks for every block mined, however this works on every block mined not just ores.

● Token miner - This enchantment gains you more tokens while mining. Tokens are used to upgrade your pickaxe, so it is recommended to try and upgrade this first. 

● Jackhammer - Removes an entire layer of your mine. 

● Haste - Gives you the haste effect.

● Explosive - Makes small TNT type of explosions.

● Speed - Gives you the speed effect. 

● Drill - Breaks a 3x3 vertical column of blocks. 

● EXP finder - Gives you more exp towards levelling up your pickaxe. 

● Laser - breaks a cross section of the mine. 

● Time miner - Mines autominer minutes. 

● Nuke - Creates massive explosions within the mine.

● Banker - Will randomly 2x your money for a short period of time.

● Greed - Will cause you to find extra money while mining. 

●Accomplice - Lets you find gang points while mining. 



Shards are items you can get from crates or /shop. These are pickaxe enchantments that show on the bottom of your pickaxe when you have them added. 


Shards are replaceable pickaxe enchantments. You can have up to 8 shard slots, which you have to unlock while your pickaxe levels up. Shards allow you to have extra enchantments. You can also have multiple shards of the same type on at the same time.



Gems can be used for multiple things, such as upgrading your mine, buying keys and shards and buying pets. There are multiple ways of gaining gems, such as crates, fishing, killing mobs and finishing quests.