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Skyblock Commands



The header colors represent the different pages in the help command.

These are the help pages found in the skyblock menu, with a small description of what they do. Hopefully, this will help.


Ingame help page 1

Commands What does it do? Aliases(alternative commands)

/island accept Accept invites you got from other players. Keep in mind, that you have to abandon your island. /island join

/island balance Shows your island bank balance or another islands balance /island bal, /island money

/island ban Stops specific players from going to your island -

/island bank Shows the islands bank menu, here you can add or withdraw money. But also see a transaction log, useful for islands with multiple members. -

/island biome Island menu where you can change the islands biome, very similar to “island setbiome” /island setbiome

/island border This changes the islands border color to green, red or blue -

/island chest [page] This command is currently disabled in Advancius. But if it would be enabled, this would open a menu that shows either “chests” or “Mine-carts”. The chests can be opened like a regular chest and be used for storage which is shared with other island members who have access to this command. “Mine-carts” are locked chest spots. There can be multiple pages. /island vault [page]

Ingame help page 2

Commands What does it do? Aliases(alternative commands)

/island close Close the island to the public. This includes warps. /island lock

/island coop <player-name> Open the coops menu. This is so you can see all members ranks more easily. -

/island coops Stops specific players from going to your island -

/island counts See the number of blocks an island has. /island blocks [player-name / island-name]

/island create Pretty straightforward, creates a new island. Or if you have an island will tell you that instead. -

/island delwarp <warp name> Delete an island warp with the name you gave. -

/island demote Demote an island member. They have to be on your island to do so. -

Ingame help page 3

Commands What does it do? Aliases(alternative commands)

/island deposit <amount> Deposit money into the island's bank. -

/island disband Disband your island permanently. Cannot be undone. /island reset, /island delete

/island expel Kick a visitor from your island. -

/island fly Not to be confused with /fly, this can only be used on islands. -

/island Help [page] List all the available commands, like the list you are watching now. Pages numbers can be used for easier access. -

/island invite Invite a player to your island. /island add <player-name>

/island kick Kick a player from your island. -

Ingame help page 4

Commands What does it do? Aliases(alternative commands)

/island Lang Change your language via the menu. Currently available languages are: English, Hebrew, Vietnamese, Italian, Simplified Chinese, French, Spanish /island language

/island leave Leave your island. You can only leave island the have no ownership off. Transfer ownership first if you want to leave -

/island members Open the members menu. -

/island mission complete <mission-name> This command is currently not enabled but may be in the future. Use this to complete missions. /island challenge complete <mission-name>

/island missions Open the missions menu. -

/island name <island name> Change the name of your island. /island setname <island-name>, /island rename <island-name>

/island open Open the island to the public. Opposite of “/island close” or “/island lock” /island unlock

/island panel [members/visitors] [toggle] Open island panel. Giving you the following island options: Teleport, Settings, Permissions, Biomes, Bank, Upgrades, Top islands, Missions, (block)Counts, Disband, Chest, Visitors, Members /island manager [members/visitors] [toggle], /island cp [members/visitors] [toggle]

/island pardon <player-name> Unban a player from your island. /island unban <player-name>

Ingame help page 5

Commands What does it do? Aliases(alternative commands)

/island permissions [player-name] [reset] Get all permissions for an island role or a player. Can also reset players below your current role. More in Island permissions. /island perms [player-name] [reset], /island setpermission [player-name] [reset], /island setperm [player-name] [reset]

/island promote <player-name> Promote a member in your island. Default ranks are: Member, Mod, Admin, Leader -

/island rankup <upgrade-name> Level up an upgrade. Available upgrades by default are as followed: border-size, generator-rates, minecarts-limit, members-limit, spawner-rates, hoppers-limit, mob-drops, crop-growth -

/island rate Rate an island. Can’t be your own. -

/island ratings Show all island ratings. -

/island recalc Re-calculates the island worth. /island recalculate, /island level

/island setdiscord <discord-tag> Set the discord of the island. Links seem to work here too. -

Ingame help page 6

Commands What does it do? Aliases(alternative commands)

/island setpaypal Set the PayPal email of the island. Don’t ask me why this is a thing. I don’t know. -

/island setrole <player-name> <island-role> Change the role of a player in your island. Default ranks are: Member, Mod, Admin, Leader -

/island setteleport Change the teleport location of your island. /island settp, /island setgo, /island sethome

/island settings Open the settings menu. You can find more about flags here -

/island setwarp <warp-name> [warp-category] Create a new island warp. Islands still need to be unlocked for this to work. -

/island show [player-name / island-name] This shows a lot of information about an island, so it’s best to check this in-game. A few example of that are island members, balance, level and, location. But not limited to this. /island info

/island team [player-name / island-name] Get information about island members status. This is an activity check. /island showteam [player-name / island-name], /island online [player-name / island-name]

Ingame help page 7

Commands What does it do? Aliases(alternative commands)

/island teamchat [message] Toggle team chat mode when not sending a [message] after it. If you do send a [message] it will not toggle. /island chat [message], /island tc [message]

/island teleport Teleport to your island. /island tp, /island go, /island home

/island toggle <border/blocks> Toggle island borders and stacked blocks placements. -

/island top Open top islands panel. -

/island transfer <player-name> Transfer your island's leadership. - /island leader <player-name>, /island leadership <player-name>

/island uncoop <player-name> Remove a player from being a co-op in your island. /island untrust <player-name>

/island upgrade Open upgrades panel. -

Ingame help page 8

Commands What does it do? Aliases(alternative commands)

/island value [material] Get the worth value of a block in your hand. -

/island values [player-name / island-name] Open the values menu. -

/island visit <player-name / island-name> Teleport to the visitors location of an island. -

/island visitors Open the visitors menu. -

/island warp [player-name / island-name] [warp-name] Warp to an island warp. This has to be set by an island member while being unlocked. More about warps here. - /island leader <player-name>, /island leadership <player-name>

/island warps Open the warps menu. -

/island withdraw <amount> - -