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== Advancius Network Gamemodes ==



=== General Servers ===




In Heroes, there are many dungeons to conquer. You can also take a more relaxing approach with fishing and gain lots of money! You can also create clans to play with your friends, and rule the world!


For more information on Heroes, please visit this link: Advanced Heroes Information




In the Prisons gamemode, you and the other inmates are stuck with a terrible job: mining. Luckily, you may be able to escape! In order to do that, however, you are going to need to mine a ton, sell your gains for money, rankup, and eventually break out with the help of some of your friends. Work as hard as you can to escape and make a free life for yourself!


For more information on Prisons, please visit this link: Advanced Prisons Information




The Survival gamemode is a gamemode where you play vanilla Minecraft, but with an interesting twist: there are homes and MCMMO! You can either play with friends or solo; all you need to do is find a way to survive in a land of fearsome mobs!


For more information on Survival, please visit this link: Advanced Survival Information




In Creative, players are put into the traditional Minecraft creative gamemode to build to their heart's content. Using the plots plugin, you can find the perfect plot to build all of your heart's desires! You can even team up with your friends to build massive builds or you can compete with them to see who has the best building skills.


For more information on Creative, please visit this link: Advanced Creative Information




Skyblock is a fun and interesting gamemode where you are able to create an island and compete against other islanders to be on the island top list. To get on this list, all you have to do is place spawners and other blocks of value around your island. Most players even invest in grinders to make more money and further increase their value, so get grinding and get on that island top to beat all of your friends!


For more information on Skyblock, please visit this link: Advanced Skyblock Information




In Factions, players build bases to guard their loot as they compete against each other to reach /f top #1. Building grinders, farms and anything else will give you the money and power needed in order to rule the land and leaderboards. For those that dare, you can even raid and steal other player's stuff in their bases to earn a fearsome reputation!


For more information on Factions, please visit this link: Advanced Factions Information


Prestige Survival


Our prestige survival is like survival with many more things! Make sure to stay alive, because if you die 2 times, you get banned for 16 hours! Although it sounds easy to survive, its very hard, you have to survive brutal weather and even more brutal mobs! So do your best to prestige to make it on over to prestige survival!


Minigames Servers

Party Games


Party Games is filled with a big variety of fun and quick games. Compete with your friends to get the most points and beat them all! Can you win in every game? Or can you get the top score in all of the games? Find out today!


Tower Defense


In the Tower Defense gamemode, you and your teammates will either place towers as you seek to defeat the forces of evil or choose to join the dark side yourself and summon the evil forces to defeat your friends. Play all of the different difficulties and beat every wave, or you can go for the last and hardest difficulty: an infinite number of rounds to see how far you can get.




Parkour has several unique maps to jump through that will put your parkour skills to the ultimate test! Compete with your friends to get the fastest times on all of the maps and work to beat every map, a feat that only a handful of people have ever done.


Survival Games


In Survival Games, you will strive to run and obtain all of the best gear before, at the end, being forced to fight your friends to decide the sole victor of the Games. Compete with your friends to see who is stronger or compete with others to become the #1 player. May the odds be ever in your favor!


Boss Events


Slay a mob boss in a timed arena for rewards!


Build Battle


Build and vote for your favorites!




Complete maps for rewards!




In Duels, you will choose a kit and go into a private 1v1 against your enemy to determine who is the better PvPer. There are lots of leaderboards to compete for, as well as lots of different kits to master. Compete against your friends to become the best PvPer in each kit and become the #1 on the leaderboards!


Murder Mystery


In Murder Mystery, at least one player will be designated the murderer and will receive a sword after a certain amount of time. They will then have to hunt down all of the innocent players while trying to root out, and kill, the detective. The detective's job is to use clues to figure out who is the murderer and stop them before they can do harm to the innocent players. Try and catch your friends red handed as the detective, or try to stop and defeat all of your friends as the murderer!


Hide & Seek


In Hide and Seek, the hiders are assigned to a block to hide as and, after standing still for a few seconds, will become like a solid block. Make sure to hide well though, as you have a team of seekers hunting you down! As the seeker, you must find and defeat all of the hiding players. Once a hider dies, they will join your team and become a seeker.


UHC (Ultra Hard Core)


In the UHC gamemode, you will have only a short time to play survival and get as good gear and supplies as possible. After some time, PvP will turn on and you will then be tasked with hunting down your friends. After another period of time has elapsed, you will all be put together to fight one another at close combat. Compete to become the champion of your friends and the sole survivor!


Village Defense


In Village Defense, you and your friends will risk your lives to defend the citizens of your village against an evil army of Zombies! Trade with the villagers to get better gear and weapons to defend them and push back the undead marauders. You can even trade in your rotten flesh to get more health! Compete with your friends to see how long you can survive.




In Kit PvP, players will have a massive selection of kits to choose from! Once you choose which kit you want to fight with, you can jump down and fight your friends. Each kit has its own advantages and disadvantages. You will need lots of skill to overcome those disadvantages, and utilize those advantages to their utmost potential! Compete against your friends to become the best PvPer, or fight long and hard to become the #1 PvPer on the server!


The Maze


In the Maze, there are lots of long paths and dark turns. It is a very difficult maze to overcome, so only attempt it if you dare. There are even mobs to stop you in your tracks and send you back to the start, should you die to them. Compete against your friends to see who can beat the long and challenging maze and see who can beat the maze the fastest!




Fall past obstacles to land in the water!