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What is Creative?


In Creative, players are put into the traditional Minecraft creative gamemode to build to their heart's content. Using the plots plugin, you can find the perfect plot to build all of your heart's desires! You can even team up with your friends to build massive builds or you can compete with them to see who has the best building skills.


Claiming Commands:


● /plot auto to claim the nearest plot.


● /plot claim to claim the current plot you are standing on.


● /plot delete to delete a plot.


● /plot move to move a plot.


● /plot setowner to set the plot owner.


Teleportation Commands:


● /plot home to visit your plot home.


● /plot visit [player] [#] to visit someone's plot.


Settings Commands:


● /plot trust to allow a player to build in a plot.


● /plot remove to remove a player from a plot.


● /plot merge to merge the plot you are standing on with another plot.


● /plot setflag to set plot flags.


Appearance Commands:


● /plot setbiome to set a plot biome.


● /plot clear to entirely reset a plot.


Plot Rating:


● /plotrate to open the plot rating menu.