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● What is Creative?


In Creative, players are put into the traditional Minecraft creative gamemode to build to their heart's content. Using the plots plugin, you can find the perfect plot to build all of your heart's desires! You can even team up with your friends to build massive builds or you can compete with them to see who has the best building skills.


● Creative Information


Gamemode Version: 1.17.1

Plot Size: 110x110 Blocks


● WorldEdit Information


All builds on the server have been made with WorldEdit and is available to all. WorldEdit’s primary function is to help players in building structures and making customized terrain. All builds on the server have been made with WorldEdit.
All Players are able to get world edit through multiple different ways. A few ways are by Voting, Purchasing on the store, getting prestige 2 or rank 52 and all new players receive 30 minutes of free world edit from when they first join Creative. 

● How to get plots


All players start with a total of 3 plots to build. Throughout prestiging, you have the ability to gain more plots for a total of 8 plots. 

Plots are also obtainable through the store of Advancius. They are sold at a bundle of 4 plots for a total of $2.99 USD.

For more information on purchasing more plots, please visit our website at: https://store.advancius.net/category/creative


There is no limit on the amount of plots a player can own.

● How to get WorldEdit


All players start with a free 30 minutes of WorldEdit. At Rank 52, you will receive permanent access to WorldEdit (Until Prestiging). At Prestige 2, permanent WorldEdit will be accessible at any Rank (Even after Prestiging).

Voting for the server allows players to receive 30 minutes of WorldEdit per vote for a maximum of 10 votes a day. 

WorldEdit is available through the Advancius store

Getting Started On Creative


Claiming A Plot


All Players are able to claim up to 3 plots as soon as they join the server.
You are able to claim a plot using /plot auto. After you run this command you will be teleported to a random unclaimed plot. You will be able to edit permissions, trust players to your plots, delete your plot, use world edit, and more. Do view all your Plots details and settings run the command /plot.


Using Your Tools

When you first join Creative you are given multiple tools to help you improve your builds, and make it easier for you to create certain builds. All users are given the following tools:

  • WorldEdit Wand
  • goPaint Tool
  • goBrush Tool
  • Voxel Sniper Replacer
  • Loft Tool

When you first join the server you are given 30 minutes of free world edit. From there you can then vote for 30 minutes, purchase world edit in the store, or earn a high enough in-game rank to receive permanent worldedit.

All of these tools are utilities to help you. For more information on WorldEdit you can take a look at this article:


Adding People To Your Plot


On Advancius, we have a feature that allows you to trust other players to your plot. If you want to add friends or anyone to help you out you can do so with the command listed below:
/plot trust (username)


WARNING: Trusting others to your plot will give them permissions to break, place, and use world edit in your plot. 


Merging Plots


If you ever want a big plot for bigger builds you are able to merge plots. Merging a plot will add another 110x110 blocks to your plot, you can add multiple plots together. To add a plot together you must do the following:

  • Run the command /plot merge and fill out any information needed.
  • Make the plots you wish to add beside each other. 


Merging Plots Is Permanent

Creative Rank Perks

● Rank (Until Prestige)


17: Access to /debugstick


22: Create colored signs


52: Access to WorldEdit commands


● Prestige 1


3 Creative Plots

Access to Redstone in Plots


● Prestige 2


4 Creative Plots

            5 Homes


Custom Maps
Invisible Item Frames


● Prestige 3


           Editing Armour Stands


● Prestige 4

          6 Creative Plots

          10 Homes


● Prestige 6

          8 Creative Plots


● Prestige 7


          Infinite Homes

          Night Vision

▶ Claiming Commands:


● /plot auto to claim the nearest plot.


● /plot claim to claim the current plot you are standing on.


● /plot delete to delete a plot.


● /plot move to move a plot.


● /plot setowner to set the plot owner.


▶ Teleportation Commands:


● /plot home to visit your plot home.


● /plot visit [player] [#] to visit someone's plot.


▶ Settings Commands:


● /plot trust to allow a player to build in a plot.


● /plot remove to remove a player from a plot.


● /plot merge to merge the plot you are standing on with another plot.


● /plot setflag to set plot flags.


▶ Appearance Commands:


● /plot setbiome to set a plot biome.


● /plot clear to entirely reset a plot.


▶ Plot Rating:


● /plotrate to open the plot rating menu.