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Skyblock Starting Out


Hello, there friendo!

This is a guide for the Advancius Skyblock. This has a lot of information. Therefore, using the index and search functions is suggested.
Any commands will be written in full. So no abbreviations like ”/is”' but instead ”/island” of course you can still do this yourself.

Since there is a lot of information some may not be covered. Feel free to notify me about it on discord Snowman Sir#1967 or in-game (Snowman_Sir) if I missed something.

"[ ]” Square brackets mean it’s optional and you don’t have to use it in a command.
“< >” Greater/less than signs mean it’s required and must be used.

Starting out


This is where it started...

So, this is your first time on skyblock...
You can only proceed forward by creating an island. So let's start just doing just that!
Please create a new island by using the following command in chat:

/island create <name>

I’ll just use the command

/island create snowman_sir

This will create an island with my name. Don’t worry too much about your island's name, this can be changed later.


Skyblock create new island.png

Next up, you will be greeted with a menu. For this example, we will use 3 starter islands. Normal, Mycelium & Desert.

Skyblock create new tooltip.png

You can preview them by right-clicking. However, this may be disabled for some. If you wish to preview, right-click an island from the menu. If you like this biome. Type “Confirm” or if you don’t like it type “Cancel” . Do not type this as a command, so no forward slash /.


Once you find an island you like and have “Cancel” You will be greeted with the following sign on your brand new island.


  1. Get one 1 block from the tree by punching. (yes, you are strong enough somehow)
  2. Make a crafting table
  3. Remove the rest of the tree. Make sure you get the saplings too, without them you can’t get trees in skyblock.
  4. Make tools, Hoe for a farm first, Pickaxe second & axe after.
  5. Replant saplings. If you didn’t get any you can buy a few in the store, or ask if some nice people have some.
  6. Make your farm as soon as you can. Try not to waste food.
  7. Make a cobblestone or stone generator. More below about this.

Cobble stone generator

Start by making a cobble generator as soon as you can, this will be your early game ore, stone & money generator. The illustration below by yours truly ☃️ should show you a rough illustration of how to do it.


Failing to create a cobblestone generator may result in not being able to progress and force an island reset to be required.

Start by making a design that resembles the first illustration.

step 1, place ice and lava

Break the ice on the left to create water.

step 2, break the ice

Now lastly break the middle cobblestone to make the lava flow!

step 3, break the cobblestone in the center

Yay! You now have a working generator that just generated iron! (or something else) Now you can mine iron and expand your...well….tools? Armour? Anvil? I’m sure you will find something.

step 4, victory!

Great, now what?

Okay, so you have done all the previous things, great! But.. we can’t just live on iron and eat planks from trees. We have to expand! While we can discuss every farm crop or monster here. This is probably better to research on your own. There are MANY guides out there on YouTube and other sites.

Gems, Quest and other activities.

Even though I can’t tell you about every farm, I can tell you about gems. Gems are truly, truly, truly outrageous! Within Advencius you will need gems that you can use to upgrade your island and get other items from the “/gems” shop.

How do you get them? Well, let me show you a few ways.

Quest menu

The “/quests” command. Here you will find some simple quests like mine cobble, to some more time-intensive quests. Like Cook Salmon & Cod. Which also requires fishing. The rewards and ordeal change with quest difficulty. There are daily, weekly and monthly quests.



Another way to get them is by going to the “/digsite” activity. Here you can dig up artifacts and sell them to the Archaeologist NPC. It’s also a really good way of getting grass and dirt early on!

fishies event location
Fish event

At the “/fish” location you can fish and receive gems at the same time. These are normal fish, but the fishing merchant doesn’t think so and pays a nice penny for them!


During fishing events, you can earn more gems and money! (placement dependant)