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What is Factions?


In Factions, players build bases to guard their loot as they compete against each other to reach /f top #1. Building grinders, farms and anything else will give you the money and power needed in order to rule the land and leaderboards. For those that dare, you can even raid and steal other player's stuff in their bases to earn a fearsome reputation!


General Commands:


● /kits to open the kits menu.


● /sethome to set a home.


● /balance to see your balance.


● /wild to teleport to a random place.


● /shop to open the shop menu.


● /crates to teleport to the crates area.


● /pv to open your personal vault(s).


● /sell hand to sell an item for money.


● /warps to see all warps.


● /ah to open the auction house.


General Factions Commands:


● /f help to view extra faction help commands.


● /f bank to view faction bank commands.


● /f chat to switch chat channels.


● /f home to teleport to your faction home.


● /f warp to open the faction warp menu.


● /f upgrades to upgrade faction land.


● /f missions to open the missions menu.


● /f chest to view the faction's virtual chest.


● /f tnt add/take to manage your TNT bank.


● /f tntfill TNT fill using your TNT bank.


Setup and Info Commands:


● /f create to create a new faction.


● /f desc to change the faction description.


● /f rules [add | remove] to manage faction rules.


● /f sethome to set the faction home.


● /f setwarp to set a faction warp.


● /f delwarp to remove a faction warp.


● /f who to show faction information.


● /f list to list all factions.


● /f top to list the richest factions.


Member Management Commands:


● /f invite to invite a player to a faction.


● /f join to join a faction.


● /f leave to leave a faction.


● /f title to set a member's title.


● /f invsee to view a member's inventory.


● /f logs to view faction logs.


● /f kick to kick a player from your faction.


● /f ban to ban a player from your faction.


● /f promote to promote faction members.


● /f demote to demote faction members.


● /f leader to set a new faction leader.


Relations and Territory Commands:


● /f ally to ally with a faction.


● /f enemy to set a faction as an enemy.


● /f claim to claim faction territory.


● /f unclaim to unclaim faction territory.


● /f map to show a map of nearby territory.


● /f sc to see chunk boundaries around you.


● /f perms to change player access in claims.


Extra Commands:


● /koth times to see the next KOTH times.


● /koth to teleport to the KOTH.


● /outpost to teleport to the outpost.


● /enchant to open the enchanting menu.


● /genbuckets to open the Gen Bucket Shop.


● /tools to open the Tools Dealer menu.


● /mcstats to view your mcmmo stats.


● /mctop to view the mcmmo leaderboards.


● /trade to trade with a player.


● /bounties to view player bounties info.


● /hunters to view the hunters leaderboard.