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● What is Factions?

In Factions, players build bases to guard their loot as they compete against each other to reach /f top #1. Building grinders, farms and anything else will give you the money and power needed in order to rule the land and leaderboards. For those that dare, you can even raid and steal other player's stuff in their bases to earn a fearsome reputation!

● General Faction Information

Overworld Border: 10000 x 10000
Nether Border: 1200 x 1200
End Border: 5000 x 5000
Obsidian Durability: 6 Explosives
Gamemode Version: 1.7+
Factions Rules: /frules
Factions Info: /finfo

▶ Faction Warps

● King Of The Hill

KOTH is an event that will automatically run every 3 hours and if your faction is able to hold the hill for 2 minutes the first person in the faction to enter the hill will receive random rewards from /kothloot
To teleport to KOTH do /koth

Keep Inventory Is Disabled

● Outpost

The Outpost is a feature that allows factions to control an Outpost for rewards. To claim the Outpost you must do /outpost then take the Outpost from whatever faction is controlling it. The rewards for owning the Outpost are:

- 10% Extra mcMMO XP

- 4% Chance For A Random Key Every 30 Seconds

Keep Inventory Is Disabled

● Dungeons

Advancius has 4 different dungeons ranging from the difficulty levels of Easy, all the way to Very Hard. To select a dungeon to warp to, type /dungeons.
In the dungeons you must kill mobs that have a chance to drop 1-2 Gems or a Custom Dust. These custom dusts can be used to craft unique talismans in /recipes

● Digsite

The Digsite is a peaceful place you can visit using the /dig command. In the Digsite you are able to mine the grass on the ground for a chance of artifacts to drop. These artifacts can either be sold to the NPC in the Digsite for gems, or used in custom recipes in /recipes.

● Warzone

Warzone is an area that sounds the spawn, in the warzone players are able to fight other players and spawn BossEggs. BossEggs can be bought in /gems.
Flight is disabled in the warzone along with all other PvP warps. To warp to the Warzone type /warzone

Keep Inventory Is Disabled

Getting Started On Factions

● Joining/Creating A Faction

When first joining a Faction players can either create a faction which they will lead and manage, or join a faction someone else has already created. To join a faction you must do /f join or accept the invite in game. You must be invited to join a Faction by someone in the Faction to be able to do a faction.

If you wish to create your own faction you can do /f create and pick a name. Once you have done this you can claim land, invite other people, add a Faction description, and more since you are the owner of the faction.

● Earning Gems

Gems are one of 2 currencies we have in factions. Gems are used for purchasing custom and unique items, Spawners, Crate keys, and more.
We have a few different ways you may earn gems.
You can earn gems by digging in the digsite and selling artifacts, opening crate keys to have a chance to review gems, kill a boss that summons from a boss egg, killing mobs in dungeons, completing /quests, participating in /tournaments, and earning a daily login reward with /daily.

Spend gems in /gems 


● Custom Enchants

On Advancius, we have custom enchants that can be added to different tools and armor pieces. Some enchantments work with some items and not others. Each enchantment goes up to a certain level and each has a custom buff. All the details about the Max Level, Perk, what armor it applies to, and the rarity can be found in the enchantment book.

Custom enchantments can be earned in multiple different ways. A few ways to earn them are:

  • Purchase them in /e with in-game experience. 
  • Receive them from crates.
  • Earn them from claiming /koth.


All tools and armor are limited to 10 custom enchants. 

▶ Owning A Faction

● Creating A Faction

If you are interested in being a Faction leader you can create a faction by using the command /f create. If you ever want to change the name of your faction you can do /f rename to set a new name. A few other commands to change some faction such as /f desc. To invite other players to your faction simply do /f invite.

● Claiming Land/Power

In Factions you are able to claim land for your faction. The way faction works is the amount of land you are limited too if how much power your faction has. Your faction will gain power with new members and by remaining active. However, your faction will lose power if a faction member dies in PvP or by natural causes. To claim land for your faction go to an unclaimed land and type /f claim. If you ever wish to unclaim a land simply do /f unclaim.

● Setting Faction Permissions

As a faction leader you are able to set permissions for different roles within your faction. You are able to edit many different permissions such as Break blocks, place, interact with chests, fly, and many many more. Each faction has 8 different roles/ranks to set permissions too. To edit the permissions menu to edit the roles do /f perms and select the role. If you ever wish to promote someone in your faction simply do /f promote to promote them to the next rank.

● Faction Upgrades

Each faction has 11 different upgrades that you are able to purchase, these upgrades can help in combat, or help with efficiency. A few upgrades are Damage Increase, Damage Reduction, More Faction Members, More Faction Power, and many more. All upgrades cost Money not gems. To open the upgrade menu run the command /f upgrade


▶ General Commands:

● /kits to open the kit menu.

● /sethome to set a home.

● /balance to see your balance.

● /wild to teleport to a random place.

● /shop to open the shop menu.

● /crates to teleport to the crates area.

● /pv to open your personal vault(s).

● /sell hand to sell an item for money.

● /warps to see all warps.

● /ah to open the auction house.

▶ General Factions Commands:

● /f help to view extra faction help commands.

● /f bank to view faction bank commands.

● /f chat to switch chat channels.

● /f home to teleport to your faction home.

● /f warp to open the faction warp menu.

● /f upgrades to upgrade faction land.

● /f missions to open the missions menu.

● /f chest to view the faction's virtual chest.

● /f tnt add/take to manage your TNT bank.

● /f tntfill TNT fill using your TNT bank.

▶ Setup and Info Commands:

● /f create to create a new faction.

● /f desc to change the faction description.

● /f rules [add | remove] to manage faction rules.

● /f sethome to set the faction home.

● /f setwarp to set a faction warp.

● /f delwarp to remove a faction warp.

● /f who to show faction information.

● /f list to list all factions.

● /f top to list the richest factions.

▶ Member Management Commands:

● /f invite to invite a player to a faction.

● /f join to join a faction.

● /f leave to leave a faction.

● /f title to set a member's title.

● /f invsee to view a member's inventory.

● /f logs to view faction logs.

● /f kick to kick a player from your faction.

● /f ban to ban a player from your faction.

● /f promote to promote faction members.

● /f demote to demote faction members.

● /f leader to set a new faction leader.

▶ Relations and Territory Commands:

● /f ally to ally with a faction.

● /f enemy to set a faction as an enemy.

● /f claim to claim faction territory.

● /f unclaim to unclaim faction territory.

● /f map to show a map of nearby territory.

● /f sc to see chunk boundaries around you.

● /f perms to change player access in claims.

▶ Extra Commands:

● /koth times to see the next KOTH times.

● /koth to teleport to the KOTH.

● /outpost to teleport to the outpost.

● /enchant to open the enchanting menu.

● /genbuckets to open the Gen Bucket Shop.

● /tools to open the Tools Dealer menu.

● /mcstats to view your mcmmo stats.

● /mctop to view the mcmmo leaderboards.

● /trade to trade with a player.

● /bounties to view player bounties info.

● /hunters to view the hunters leaderboard.