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● What is Skyblock? Skyblock is a fun and interesting gamemode, where you are able to create an island and compete to be on the island top list. To get on the island top list, all you have to do is place blocks of value and spawners around your island. Most players even invest in grinders to make more money and further increase their value. Get grinding to get on that island top and beat all of your friends!


View more info here (made by Snowman_Sir): https://drive.google.com/file/d/10wyozX6pdY4tQmQDDkJbJSSL24denoE7/view



General Commands:


● /kits to open the kits menu.


● /sethome to set a home.


● /balance to see your balance.


● /shop to open the shop menu.


● /crates to teleport to the crates area.


● /pv to open your personal vault(s).


● /sell hand to sell the items in your hand.


● /warps to see all warps.


● /ah to open the auction house.


● /skills to view your skills.


● /quests to view your quests.


● /events to view scheduled events.


Skyblock Commands:


● /is to open the Skyblock menu.


● /is invite to invite a player to join your island.


● /is help to see more Skyblock commands.


● /is setwarp to set an island warp.


● /is go to go to your island.


● /is level to see your island level.




● PUNCH to pick up a minion!


● /minions to purchase minions.


Other Shop Commands:


● /shop to open the main shop.


● /is upgrades to open the upgrades shop.


● /gems to open the gems shop.


● /ah to open the auction house.


Custom Enchants:


● /ce to open the custom enchants menu.


● Obtain custom enchants by enchanting items like normal in Enchanting Tables, or by buying them in /gems!


● Each time an item is enchanted it has a chance to gain custom enchants!


Extra Information:


● /is toggle blocks to toggle stacking blocks.


● /recipes to view all custom recipes.


● /dungeons to teleport to the dungeons.


● /warzone to teleport to the warzone.


● /fishing to teleport to the fishing area.


● /casino to open the casino menu.


● /tournaments to view active tournaments.


● /pets to view your pets.


● Tip - Use Harvester Hoes to automatically put farmed crops into your inventory.




● Island Level: This command will allow you to check what your island level is. Using /is top you can check your ranking!


● Gems: Gems are a currency in skyblock which you can use to buy various things including keys, sell wands, pets, and more! You can earn them various ways including killing mobs in /dungeons and digging up artifacts in /dig!


● Island Warps: All islands can make warps! /is warps shows all warps on the server. To make an island warp, do /is setwarp (name) and then go into /is warp and right click the warp, you can get click the feather to make it public and allows others to warp to your island!


● Auction House: The auction house allows players to sell items, bid on items, and buy items! To list an item on the ah do /ah sell while holding the item you would like to sell. Using the sunflower in the GUI that pops up you can set the price of the item. Using the red dye you can turn on or off bidding, and then click the green glass pane when you are ready to put it up for sale!


● Skills: Skills are a fun feature in skyblock allowing you to level up your skills to give you boosts. You can also compete to have the #1 skill level!


● Minions: Minions allow you to do many things, without doing it yourself! Miner minions will mine the block in front of them. ●Shop You will be able to buy and sell various items and blocks!


● Custom Enchants: Skyblock has many different custom enchants for armor, tools, and weapons! They do many different things like feeding you, mining more blocks at a time, and even digging up rare treasures!


● Custom Recipes: Skyblock has many different custom recipes which give different boosts! Some of those boosts include haste 4 and many others!


● Dungeons: In dungeons you can fight wither skeletons to get gems, and you can also mine many ores to make money!


● Warzone: Warzone is an area where PvP is on. Envoys are held here where you can earn many different rewards!


● Tournaments: Skyblock has weekly tournaments which you can compete in to win prizes! Those prizes consist of money and gems!


● Pets: There are several different pets which you can collect! These pets give different skill boosts! You can also level up the pets to make them better!