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Survival General Info


What is Advancius Survival? Survival is a gamemode where you play classic Minecraft, but with an interesting twist; there are homes and skills! You can either play with friends, or solo; all you need to do is find a way to survive.

General Commands:
  • /spawn warp to spawn.
  • /wild to teleport to a random place.
  • /sethome to set a home.
  • /home to travel to your home.
  • /home bed to travel to your current bed (The teleport won't work if your bed has been destroyed).
  • /pv to open your personal vault(s), you can prestige or donate to earn more vaults.
  • /kits to open the kits menu.
  • /arena warp to the PvP Arena.
  • /tournaments view the current tournaments.
  • /quests view your current quests.
  • /survivalinfo additionalinfo.
  • /ts help to view the tradeshop commands.
/Vote to earn:
  • 1 more chunk to max claim chunks(200)
  • 1 Blaze Rod
  • 4 Experience Bottles
  • 1 Gem
Skills, Bosses, and better Armor:

Skills brings an RPG-like experience to survival with skill leveling, and special abilities.

  • /skills will bring up the skills menu.
  • /skills top to view the leaderboards.

Gems can be earned by selling artifacts dropped by mobs in the gloryworld or by defeating the Destroyer of Worlds boss.

  • /gems to view the Gems menu.
  • /sellartifacts to sell the artifact in your main hand.
  • /gloryworld to warp to the gloryworld.
Claiming Land:
  • /claim to claim an area.
  • /trust to add others to a claim.
  • /unclaim to unclaim an area.
  • /lands to toggle settings on claims.
  • /skull <playername> Gives you the skull of <playername>.
Trade Chest Shop:

Players can create personal trade chest shops by placing a sign onto a chest.
Traded items are stored in the chest and can be accessed by those with a role. More about it in the Survival shop page.

  • /claim to claim an area.
  • /trust to add others to a claim.
  • /unclaim to unclaim an area.
  • /lands to toggle settings on claims.
Trade Chest Sign Format
  • Line 1: [Trade]
  • Line 2: <amount> <product item>
  • Line 3: <amount> <cost item>

Bosses The Destroyer of Worlds is spawned with a beacon on the bottom, a dragon egg in the middle, and a skeleton skull on top. After the boss is killed it will drop a netherstar, as well as artifacts.
Ender Dragon The ender dragon is mostly normal vanilla, however it will drop an ender dragon egg every time it is killed. Additionally, everyone who damaged the ender dragon during the fight will receive an elytra and a shulker shel