Hello and Welcome to Advancius!

Advancius is a friendly server where every player is a part of a fun community!

We offer several gamemodes including: Factions, Creative Plots, KitPvP, Vanilla, Spleef, Duels, Paintball, The Maze, SkyBlock, Mob Arena, OpenWorld, and more!

What sets Advanius apart from other servers is that players can earn free ranks by playing our games, earning in-game currency, and more! Check out our "Rank Perks" page to learn more!

This website is a tool in which players can use the donation store, vote for in-game rewards, coordinate their efforts off game, and interact with each other. Take time to register to the website to gain access to a multitude of forums. You can also subscribe to your favorite forums to get enjin and email notifications as others post.

Server Trailer:

Again, welcome to the server! We appreciate your feedback and input as we learn and grow together!

Enjoy and have fun!

-Monkeyboys (Owner)

X_Panda_PvP_X would like to see more in the shop for example stuff you find in dungeons and strongholds and all the different types of...
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