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1. Join our Discord server: advancius.net/discord 

2. Access the #apply Discord channel

3. Choose the application for the role that you want to apply for

4. Open the direct message from our application Discord bot

5. Respond to the bot with your answers to the application questions

6. Wait (up to 7 days) for a response from our management on Discord

Applicants may apply for any number of staff or content creator roles!

Players can only have at most two staff roles at a time.

Creators and Partners

    • The roles for creators/partners currently:
      • YouTuber
      • Twitch/Streamer
      • Partner
    • More information about each role and their respective requirements can be found in the application

Example: Creating bi-weekly YouTube videos or live-streaming on weekends


  • Monitors and manages players in-game
  • Monitors and manages the in-game chat
  • Punishes rule breaking in-game
  • Monitors the discord chat for rule breaking
  • Handles punishment appeals

Example: Banning a player for advertising or investigating a hacker claim

Staff Manager

  • Reviews all staff applications
  • Conducts interviews with potential new staff
  • Evaluates the staff team for potential mentors
  • Oversees the behavior and work quality of all staff members
  • Handles issues between other staff members
  • Determines if a staff member should be promoted or demoted

Example: Conducting an interview with a promising Mod candidate or talking to senior staff members about promoting a Jr team member


  • Creates and updates lobbies
  • Builds and edits arenas/gamemodes
  • Updates all server builds for seasonal events
  • Can help players with their builds when available

Example: Creating a new spleef map or editing the main lobby for Halloween


Depending on interest, Developers can focus on coding/console or only in-game (or both!)

This choice can also be changed after the application is accepted.

  • (Option 1) Coding/Console Focus:
    • Codes new plugins
    • Configures downloaded plugins
    • Updates plugins to the current server version
    • Fixes plugin bugs through code or plugin configuration files
    • Adds new features to existing plugins
  • (Option 2) In-Game Focus:
    • Fixes in-game plugin or redstone issues
    • Tests plugins before implementation
    • Fixing individual player account issues
    • Configuring plugins in-game
    • Fixes issues caused by hackers, griefers, or bugs
  • (Option 3) Both

Examples: Implementing a new minigame, setting up the world/regions/holograms for a new minigame, configuring a plugin from online, bug fixing, or coding a new plugin

Community Manager

  • Manages the Discord by interacting with players and answering questions
  • Manages the forums by interacting with players and answering questions
  • Hosts and organizes server events
  • Collects community feedback from the forums, Discord server, and in-game and relays sentiments to the rest of staff team
  • Manages all social media accounts
  • Manages server marketing/advertising

Example: Hosting a social media giveaway or relaying to the rest of the staff that a lot of the community wants to add a specific new minigame