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Special Ranks

== Advancius Network Ranks ==



=== Premium Ranks ===


There are currently seven ranks available to purchase on the Advancius Network. To purchase one of these ranks, you can either visit this link Advancius Network Shop or do /store in-game.



Please keep in mind that all purchased ranks are permanent.




▶ Iron


○ Iron Suffix Ingame


○ Discord and Website Donor Role


○ Access to the Iron kit.


○ Iron Presentman Rewards


○ Ability To Change Nickname On Discord.


▶ Gold


○ Gold Suffix Ingame


○ All Iron Perks


○ Premium Hardcore Village Defense Kit


○ Gold Presentman Rewards


○ Donor Mine 1 Access and Kit Gold


▶ Diamond


○ Diamond Suffix Ingame


○ All Gold Perks


○ Access to Tab Color (/tabcolor)


○ Diamond Presentman Rewards


○ Donor Mine 2 Access and Kit Diamond


▶ Emerald


○ Emerald Suffix Ingame


○ All Diamond Perks


○ Access to Tag Color (/tagcolor)


○ Emerald Presentman Rewards


○ Donor Mine 3 Access and Kit Emerald


▶ Obsidian


○ Obsidian Suffix Ingame


○ All Emerald Perks


○ Access to Fly (/fly)


○ Obsidian Presentman Rewards


○ Donor Mine 4 Access and Kit Obsidian


▶ Bedrock


○ Bedrock Suffix Ingame


○ All Obsidian Perks


○ Access to Name Color (/namecolor)


○ Access to the Bedrock kit.


○ Bedrock Presentman Rewards


▶ Bedrock+


○ Bedrock+ Suffix Ingame


○ All Bedrock Perks


○ Access to Suffix (/suffix)


○ Access to the Bedrock+ kit.


○ Bedrock+ Presentman Rewards


To view the full list of Donor Perks, please visit this link: Advancius Network Shop





=== Staff Ranks ===


Each staff team is divided into four different levels. These levels are Junior, Full Staff, Senior Staff, and Head Staff. You can apply for a staff position using this link: Advancius Network Applications




▶ Head Staff


○ The Head rank acts as a role model and leader of their team.


▶ Senior Staff


○ The Senior rank is the rank that you achieve if you are deemed to be able to accept further responsibilities within your team.


▶ Builders


○ The Builders make the majority of the builds on the server.


▶ Community Managers


○ The Community Managers handle the server events, advertisement, social media, and communication.


▶ Developers


○ The Developers handle server development and plugins.


▶ Moderators


○ The Moderators handle punishments, appeals, and individual help in-game and on the Discord.


▶ Staff Managers


○ The Staff Managers oversee the staff, work on applications, interviews, and help around the team.




○ The SOTM Award is designed to recognize those staff members that are doing great work for the server, and is awarded on a monthly basis.




=== Other Ranks ===


There are currently three other ranks you can achieve on the Network that are not earned with in-game currency, donation-based, or staff ranks. These include the YouTuber, Streamer, and Partner ranks. To obtain one of these ranks, you must apply and meet the necessary requirements. To apply, click this link: Advancius Content Creator Application