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Survival Shops


So you want to start a business, but you don't know how to set up a shop? Well, I'm here to tell you about that!

Let's start with the basics of setting up a shop. After that, we can talk about more things. Follow the steps and complete the first shop.

Step 1)

Start by placing a chest!

Step 2)

Put a sign on the chest and type [trade] on the first line

Step 3)

Hold a valuable item in your hand!

Step 4)

Look at the sign

Step 5)

Type the following command in chat

/ts setProduct 5

Step 6)

Type the following command in chat

/ts setcost

Step 7)

Fill the chest with <Your item>!

Step 8)

Open for business!

Now, this is done. Let's talk about other commands.

As you may have seen every command starts with


which stands for tradeshop. The next commands all start with this.

Commands What does it do?
close closes down the shop
open open for business!
create same as typing [trade] on a sign it starts making a shop
addManager gives a trusted player the manager role.
addMember gives a trusted player the member role.
removeUser removes a bad store manager
listCost handy for when you can't see the full name of the price
setcost [amount] [material] set the [amount] and the type of [material] buyers need to pay.
setproduct [amount] [material] set the [amount] of what you are selling of a specified [material]
help shows the in-game help menu


Shop roles What does it do?
Shopper Default for everyone (normal buyers).
Members Members can manage & restock the shop's inventory.
Manager A step up from the members, they can also change what the shop sells/buys and the quantities, and remove Members from the shop.
Owner The owner of the shop, can break the shop, as well as give out roles to other players.
Admin Advancius server staff.