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● What is Heroes?


In Heroes there are many dungeons to conquer. You can also take a more relaxing approach with fishing and gain lots of money!


General Commands:


● /shop to open the coins shop menu.


● /crates to go to the crates opening area.


● /pv to open your personal vault(s) and you can prestige or donate to earn more vaults.


● /sell to sell an item for money.


● /warps to see all dungeon warps.


Skills Commands:


● /skills to open the skills menu.


● /skilltop <skill> to view the top players of a skill.


Pet Commands:


●/pet toggle to toggle your active pet.


●/pet details <player> to view the pet details of a player.



Regeneration is your friend:


Regeneration helps way more than resistance in most cases. So the suggestion is to get a Pokeball pet from /pets and upgrade it to the max


Money Making:


Easiest way to get money is from fishing. You can get a free rod at /fish from Finnius