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● What is Heroes?


In Heros we have many dungeons that you can loot and conquer. Or, if you wish to take a more relaxing approch you can fish or farm and mine resources in our rescource warp! 
You recieve gems from killing mobs and selling armor that you have taken from them. With gems you can upgrade your rank which in return you can get even better loot from the dungeons and monsters! 
In Heros we have custom maps, custom mobs, custom features, and a leaderboard and skills system! Will you be able to defeat the monsters?


General Commands:


● /shop to open the coins shop menu.


● /crates to go to the crates opening area.


● /pv to open your personal vault(s) and you can prestige or donate to earn more vaults.


● /sell to sell an item for money.


● /warps to see all dungeon warps.


Skills Commands:


● /skills to open the skills menu.


● /skilltop <skill> to view the top players of a skill.


Pet Commands:


●/pet toggle to toggle your active pet.


●/pet details <player> to view the pet details of a player.



Regeneration is your friend:


Regeneration helps way more than resistance in most cases. So the suggestion is to get a Pokeball pet from /pets and upgrade it to the max


Money Making:


One of the easiest ways to make money is by fishing! You can get a fishing rod from a crate, or from the fisherman at the /recourses warp
We also offer farming, forarging, and mining as a way to get even more coins! 

Heros Currency:

In Heros we have two different forms of currencies, one of our currencies is coins, and the other is gems.
Coins is how you can buy items and tools in /shop 
Gems is used for custom items and to upgrade your Heros rank, you can sell and buy things for gems in /gems