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Intro To Koen Schill

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State your name and any nicknames you have or what you would like to be called​
I really just like being called koen, although i have been called smalls for a few year up until i grew.

Favorite gamemode?
Either creative so i can build my mind off or factions for a long fun adventure!

Favorite movies?
I really enjoy the move top gun with tom cruise and the movie real genius. Spider-Man is def my all time favorite.

Favorite television shows?
Big Mouth for sure

State a few interesting facts about yourself
Im make music and i like to fish... a lot. Also really like airplanes.

Favorite color?
Blue, Red, and white. Sometimes purple.

Biggest pet peeve?
None... really none.

Tell a joke
.....Im not to funny with jokes. But whats 9x10?.... ahaha 21 :/

Favorite hobbies?
Soccer, fihsing, building

Favorite music?
Trap music, EDM, country, and LoFio

What makes you unique?
Im really fun once you get to know me. After a while of talking to me you will see that.

Favorite books?
*insert cricket noise*
i dont read

Favorite quote?
" one small step for man, one giant leap for man kind". Mainstream but very good.
Posted Feb 11, 19 · OP
Hey Koen, happy to be your mentor and to have you on the server!
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