Welcome to the Advancius family! We are glad your here!

Introducing yourself is a great way to have the community get to know you!
Here is a short guide to making an introduction.

Tips: Be yourself, use correct grammer, view other players introductions.
Please do not: Advertise, break other server rules, or include personal information.

Please just copy an past the questions below into a new thread, then replace them with your answers!

  • State your name and any nicknames you have or what you would like to be called​

  • Favorite gamemode?

  • Favorite movies?

  • Favorite television shows?

  • State a few interesting facts about yourself

  • Favorite color?

  • Biggest pet peeve?

  • Tell a joke

  • Favorite hobbies?

  • Favorite music?

  • What makes you unique?

  • Favorite books?

  • Favorite quote?