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posted Dec 22, 17

Hello and Welcome to Advancius!

Advancius is a friendly server where every player is a part of a fun community!

We offer several gamemodes including: Factions, Creative Plots, KitPvP, Vanilla, Spleef, SkyBlock, Mob Arena, and OpenWorld!

We also offer ways for players to earn free ranks by playing our games, earning in-game currency, and more!

This website is a tool in which players can use the donation store, vote for in-game rewards, coordinate their efforts off game, and interact with each other. Take time to register to the website to gain access to a multitude of forums. You can also subscribe to your favorite forums to get enjin and email notifications as others post.

Server Trailer:

Again, welcome to the server! We appreciate your feedback and input as we learn and grow together!

Enjoy and have fun!

-Monkeyboys (Owner)

[Admin] Sir_Will_Howajet seventh!! oh gosh darn it i got it wrong again..... *sixth
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